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The Game: Your MSP as Head Coach

On a chilly October afternoon in 1897, the Ohio State Buckeyes traveled to meet the Michigan Wolverines on their home turf, beginning the greatest college football rivalry in history. 6,800 screaming fans witnessed the blowout- Michigan earned a 34-0 victory over Ohio State. Since that day, the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry, fondly referred to as “The Game,” has only gained in its intensity, becoming the apex moment of the Midwest fanbases’ seasons.

What does this have to do with managed services? Excellent question.

This blog is the first in a series, dedicated to the rich tradition of “The Game” and the understanding of how efficient coaching, game strategy, and talent management are much like working with the right MSP to create winning IT outcomes.

How’s picking the right MSP like working with a great head coach? Another great question.

Who are some of the legendary men to have coached The Game? From Ohio State, there’s the College Football Hall of Famer, Woody Hayes. For nearly 30 years, Hayes recruited record-setting players, capitalized on opportunities for big wins, and closed the deal on 5 national championships. That’s no small feat. He was known for innovation in his coaching methods.  He was the first to use film to instruct his players, and insisted on approaching the game in its entirety, in order to fully appreciate its challenges and opportunities.

Can you say your IT partner is innovative and anticipates problems with strategic solutions, rather than hoping for a Hail Mary miracle when things break down? Is your technology simply keeping up with your competition or are you streamlining processes and creating opportunities to emerge as a leader in your industry?

From Michigan, the man, the myth, the legend, was Bo Schembechler. For 20 years, Coach Schembechler (try to say that 5 times fast) led the Wolverines to victory after victory. With an overall winning percentage of nearly 80%, Schembechler must have had a secret for his success, right? He did. Schembechler was himself coached and mentored by none other than Ohio State’s, Woody Hayes. The methods employed by Hayes were adopted by Schembechler and created the greatest run of The Game’s history, called the “Ten Year War.” Greatness begets greatness. When Schembechler coached, he rallied his team around the idea that victories are earned through more than physical toughness, but an academic approach to the game.

In the same way, your MSP should be dedicated to approaching your business with a studied knowledge of the technological landscape of your industry and its needs, knowing exactly where you can gain a competitive edge through IT solutions.

The right IT partner for your business should be leading you to proactive and innovative solutions for your tech needs and goals. A break-fix IT partner simply watches post game film and tells you how your tech deteriorated. The right IT partner is educated on your needs before a problem arises and has already strategized a solution, coming in clutch when you need them.

Michigan’s Coach Schembechler said, “those who stay with me will be champions.” At Affinity IT Group, we say the same to our customers. Let us lead you to an IT victory.