Technology for the 21st Century: an IT solutions case study

Since 1889, The Toledo Club has offered members of the community an elegant and unique place to gather for social and business functions. As one of the premier private clubs in the nation, the Toledo Club dedicates itself to providing members with opportunities to expand their business and social circles through various physical and digital outlets. This commitment requires up-to-date communications systems and technical support from an IT solutions partner with extensive knowledge and expertise.

When General Manager Roger Parker first arrived at the Toledo Club, he was taken aback by the antiquated state of the company’s technology. Outdated servers, faulty routers, and a total lack of social media had kept this business in the pre-Y2K stage. Everything needed an upgrade – hardware, software and digital media were all lacking, creating a situation where the Toledo Club was missing a competitive edge.

Parker knew that in order to accomplish his business goals, he’d need an IT partner who could meet his business where it was and usher it into the 21st century. Luckily, he had worked with Affinity IT Group in the past and was well aware of just how talented the team of technical experts at Affinity are.

Challenge: Outdated technology

The Toledo Club needed help. Its rich history and elegant offerings were outpacing the state of its technology. Knowing that remaining a club dedicated to providing members networking and social opportunities would demand an overhaul of the Club’s technology, Roger Park called the team of experts he could trust. He called Affinity IT Group.

Solution: 21st-century IT solutions

When Affinity arrived on the scene, they brought with them a continuum of services designed to meet each of the Toledo Club’s needs. From the initial assessment of business goals and the evaluation of current technology to strategizing solutions designed to best integrate into the Toledo Club mold, and finally applying each solution and the technology upgrades, the team at Affinity remained available, transparent and supportive.

The Toledo Club GM, Roger Parker, says he is continually impressed at the level of support he receives from Affinity. “When I call, they answer.” Knowing the needs of clients and the importance of timely support is crucial to maintaining not only effective 21st-century technology but also customer relations.

Results: “They helped us help ourselves.”

Working with Affinity IT Group allowed the Toledo Club the ability to offer its members more services, support and opportunities to develop as members of the community and as business professionals. With streamlined communications and up-to-date technology, the Club maintains its status as one of the greatest clubs in the nation.

Affinity IT Group can transform your business

It’s time to revitalize your technology and create opportunities for your business to excel through innovative IT solutions paired with responsive support. Affinity IT Group offers a variety of services designed to meet not only your business needs but also your goals for the future.

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