Broken laptop

How clutch is your IT?

It’s pretty likely that your day begins and ends with technology. Your alarm clock is probably your cell phone, and your programmable coffee maker has the energy you need to get your morning going. You complete your morning hygiene ritual with your electronic toothbrush and head out the door.

Two beeps from your car opener and you’re on your way. Once at the office, you turn on your computer to get to work. You get the idea. Your life is greatly affected by technology.

What happens when good tech goes bad?

If you’re using technology like most people, malfunctions are inconvenient at best, with the power to be incredibly costly at worst. So, how does the prudent business owner circumvent these potentially costly breakdowns and avoid downtime?

We are so glad you asked. While preventing tech problems entirely is unrealistic, minimizing damage is possible. There are a few ways to protect yourself.

  • Backup and store your information in more than one place in order to curb downtime and prevent data loss.
  • Utilize 24/7 proactive network monitoring to spot issues before they become problematic
  • Train employees on IT security best practices
  • Partner with an IT partner with experience streamlining technical processes and maintaining IT reliability

What happens if you don’t safeguard your tech?

If your cell dies overnight, you’re late to work. No coffee makes for a less productive workday. You can always manually brush your teeth, but can you work if your laptop doesn’t turn on? Can your business operate without its data? If your network falls victim to the latest cyber threat, you could lose critical files, divulge sensitive customer information, or both.

In 2017, the importance of protecting your business technology cannot be overstated. According to a 2016 report published by the CyberEdge Group, 76% of organizations in the U.S. suffered a successful cyber attack within the past 12 months- a statistic that has seen steady growth.

At Affinity IT Group, we have years of experience ensuring your technology works when and how you need it. Let us create a strategic plan to protect your tech and keep your business operating at full speed, at all times.