The Top 4 Best Backup Solutions for a Small Business

Data is valuable – extremely valuable – and not just to the businesses that legitimately collect, store, and use it. Data is constantly under threat. In the first half of 2109, more than 4.1 billion records were compromised, in over 3,800 publicly-disclosed breaches.

If you own or operate a small- to medium-sized business, don’t be fooled. SMBs are not immune to such dangers. On the contrary, they are hot targets for threat actors. Smaller organizations are data goldmines, and typically lack the robust security measures implemented by larger companies.

Malicious cybercriminals aren’t the only threat, either. Natural disasters, hardware failure, and employee error can all leave your data inaccessible and unrestorable.

There are no two ways about it – backup is an absolute must for small businesses, whatever sector you operate in. What’s more, cloud-based backups offer a convenient, cost-effective solution that can grow and evolve alongside your business.

The benefits of cloud backup for small businesses

Let’s take a look at the benefits of cloud backup solutions in a little more detail.

No infrastructure investment

Your data will be stored off-site. This means, instead of owning your own infrastructure, you rent the storage and processing power you need from a service provider.

“The burden of owning your own data center and company infrastructure is gone… Costs at the front end are reduced, and the company only pays for what they actually need and use…” – TechRadar

Fast data recovery

If you do lose access to your data for whatever reason, cloud backups can be restored much faster than traditional storage systems.

Flexible pricing

Budget is always a leading factor in a business’ decision-making processes. With a cloud-based backup solution, you only pay for the services and storage space you need. When your business grows, you can scale your service to meet changing demands.

The top 4 best backup solutions for a small business

To help you uncover the ideal backup solution for your company, we’ve rounded up four of the industry’s leaders. Here they are.


Carbonite is one of the most well-known names in small business cloud solutions – and for good reason. This company offers a whole host of flexible storage solutions for smaller businesses and those with strict budget limitations.


Although suitable for businesses of all sizes, Equiniti is a fantastic provider for start-ups and small companies. Their services include managed infrastructure and hosting, as well as backup planning.


CrashPlan calls themselves an ‘online data backup’ provider. Their offerings are geared toward small businesses and provide a high level of flexibility in price and data volume.


Need business continuity at a great price? Backblaze could be just the solution for you. Their services allow you to back up each device on your network to their data center for a yearly flat-rate.

How do I know which backup solution is right for my business?

Great question. Your business is unique, and a whole myriad of variables will come into play as you decide which backup solution will best meet your needs.

Our advice: work with a trusted IT partner. They can connect you to a backup solution that’s not only robust enough to stand up against the latest cyber threats but is also cost-effective.