Don’t Shy Away from Working Remotely

The business world is evolving and everything from the way people operate to the way they communicate is modernizing to become more convenient and efficient than ever before.

Critical telecommunications are becoming so powerful that many people no longer have to actually travel to places where their presence was once required. Take, for instance, a journalist who is a member of the White House Press Corps. It seems during the past few months that more public policy correspondents are covering presidential announcements from somewhere other than the White House. Whether they were not invited or just caught off guard by breaking news, modern technology has afforded them the ability to participate in real time without appearing in person.

Ask yourself this question, if they can do it, why can’t you?

Telecommunications and cloud computing have given businesses the same opportunity to literally work “outside the box,” changing our expectations of where work happens. With the right telecommunications services, you can operate your business live and in real time from wherever you need (or want) to be — without really missing a beat.

Whether you take your work home, to a coffee shop, to your client’s office or to a public park, you can enjoy nearly the same speed and efficiency as you would sharing a meeting table with colleagues in your own office. Putting the incredible advances in telecommunications aside, cloud computing also makes it incredibly easy to complete your work remotely with seamless business application and network access.

Until the late 1980s and early 1990s most businesses were tethered to their own handwriting and the storage areas in their offices where all of the records and data were collected. In the 1990s and early 2000s powerful computing systems and technology relieved us of handwriting and minimized the need for massive amounts of floor space to store our business records. Today, that processing and storage power has shifted into cloud computing, using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data.

So how does that translate to your business presence?

Whether it’s your laptop, tablet or personal PC, you can safely and securely access everything traditionally only accessed from your office today in real time from wherever you are in the world. Say you want to work in a park today, you simply take your tablet with you and enjoy the nice weather without losing a single step in your business agenda.

Do you need to attend a team meeting? Thanks to cloud technology, you can pull up your files on your cell phone and join the meeting live via video conferencing in the palm of your hand.

When you have to travel to events or meetings, leave work for an unexpected emergency or even if you just need a change of scenery to accomplish critical projects, it’s reassuring to know you can literally take the entire office with you and maintain your progress.

With modern, proven telecommunication and cloud computing technology supporting you, your most important work can be completed from nearly anywhere in the world securely and in real time. When you have the best mobile access to all of your data, files and communications, there’s nothing stopping you from being fully present to meet your business goals.