ace in sleeve

Using an MSP as Your Ace in the Hole

Is your business ready for whatever challenges come its way today…
Broken laptop

How clutch is your IT?

It’s pretty likely that your day begins and ends with technology.…
football fieldd

The Game: Your MSP as Head Coach

On a chilly October afternoon in 1897, the Ohio State Buckeyes…

Don’t Shy Away from Working Remotely

The business world is evolving and everything from the way people…
Work/Life Balance

Crossing the Fine Line in Our Work/Life Balance

If you’re like us, you love your business. You started out…
a video surveillance camera

Things That Are Less Effective Than Video Surveillance

Video surveillance cameras installed around your business perimeter keep your hard-earned assets safe. Other alternatives just don’t measure up.
a person viewing a variety of devices with network monitoring stats on them

Three Reasons Your Business Needs Network Monitoring

Check out how your company can benefit from multifaceted network monitoring services, which can cover security, technology performance, and more.
Work Smarter with IT Professional Services

Work Smarter with IT Professional Services

The saying, “Work smarter, not harder” is one that Affinity…
technician installs a hard drive into a server

Rotten Alternatives to Business Backup and Recovery

If you’ve never heard of a backup and recovery plan, you’ve already picked the first rotten alternative.
a man having fun with VR technology

2017 – The Year of VR Technology

Although 2016 is over, one technology is just taking off, and 2017 is its year to shine. Virtual Reality (VR) wasn’t new this past year but finally became usable and affordable on a public scale.