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Things That Are Less Effective Than Video Surveillance

You’ve worked hard and invested heavily in your business over the years.  Don’t let it all be ruined because of a few opportunist criminals. Video surveillance cameras installed around your business perimeter keep your hard-earned assets safe. We would argue that there’s never a price too high for peace of mind.

Video surveillance technology has been driven on by ever-greater results and benefits in home and business security. Nothing comes close to being as effective. Let us expand on what we mean by looking at the common alternatives.

Security Guards

There are plenty of agencies out there who will provide you with security guards to man your perimeter. Unfortunately, security guards come bundled with human failings.

First, can you trust the agency that employs them? Are they trustworthy, accredited? Have they vetted their guards and performed background checks?

Except for fictional superheroes, security guards don’t have the visual power of video surveillance cameras. Video surveillance cameras have better panoramic capture and see further. They can track and record at night or in low-light situations, inside and outside. Security guards can’t see everything because they can’t be everywhere at once.

Consider too that you don’t need to pay security cameras a wage, and yet they offer continuous vigilance. You won’t see a security camera taking a restroom break. Just as a human gets sick, security cameras sometimes need repairing, but with Affinity IT Group you get dedicated surveillance camera maintenance, minimizing repairs.

Security Dogs

The security man’s best friends, dogs can be left to prowl those extended areas of the perimeter where security guards seldom tread. Like cameras, if you provide your own dogs, they don’t need to be paid. They will require feeding, however, and, unlike cameras, they have a tendency to fall asleep. Feeding and sleeping can distract them from their vigilant duties, which might, in the end, cost you.

Dogs are also unable to replay events for you and your colleagues, which leaves you in the dark regarding potential vulnerabilities in your security setup. Whatever happens each night, stays between the potential intruder and your dog. A camera, however, provides you with all the information you need, in real-time.

Alarm/ Intruder Detection Systems

Alarm or intruder detection systems have an important role in security. They must be professionally installed, however, to guarantee their operation.

One disadvantage of alarms is that they don’t deter crime (unless you place the alarm box outside the perimeter). They don’t prevent it either, but only alert you to the act of theft or vandalism while it’s taking place. Usually, a third-party alarm receiving center monitors the alerts and has the task of sifting out the false ones.

Their main drawback is that they can’t protect from employee theft. They are less of a deterrent than cameras.

Security Lighting/ Motion Sensors

Lastly, we shine a light on security lighting and motion sensors. There have been several reports citing their ineffectiveness as a crime deterrent. In fact, many question whether they don’t increase crime in some areas. They are easy targets for vandalism. Worse, motion sensors can be set off accidentally, for example, by a wandering coyote.

Lighting’s major drawback is that it’s only effective at night. Even then, the glare produced can reduce an observer’s night vision, affecting monitoring of areas in shadow. Ironically, this makes it harder to spot the perpetrators and to record details of the crime in progress.

Video Surveillance with Affinity IT Group

From the points raised above, we hope you will appreciate why nothing beats video surveillance. Give our team at Affinity IT Group a call when you’re ready for the security and peace of mind that comes along with industry-grade video surveillance technology.