Work Smarter with IT Professional Services

Work Smarter with IT Professional Services

The saying, “Work smarter, not harder” is one that Affinity IT Group takes to heart. We understand how valuable your time is, and we aim to maximize your business success by helping you make the most of your hours, and your budget.

Our custom-designed professional services go hand-in-hand with your existing IT structure, or, our experts can handle all of your IT professional services needs in a fully outsourced manner. Whichever solution you choose to implement, you’ll find that with Affinity’s experts on hand, you will spend less time worrying about IT, and more time building your business.

Who Needs Professional Services?

At Affinity, we find that many companies neglect to update their IT because their in-house IT staff simply don’t have the time. All companies can benefit from our expert professional services, but if your company’s systems have fallen behind due to age or lack of maintenance, it’s especially important to bring professionals on board.

Once systems become outdated, it’s harder than ever to bring them up to newer standards. Incompatible updates can cause problems that can leave your business open to all kinds of threats. System updates regularly fix backdoors and other vulnerabilities that cybercriminals specifically search for.

It’s not only about protecting your company from cybercrime though. Whether you have identified them or not, your company has gaps in its performance. We will work with you to analyze what is working and what isn’t. We’ll analyze the connection between your goals and your business requirements. By establishing what you can currently accomplish, we will create a custom strategy that uses our professional services to bridge the gaps and get your company on the right track.

Affinity’s professional services give you efficiency gains, budget savings, and higher quality customer service. Every member of your staff will be more productive, your customers will be happier, and your business will have the spare capacity to grow, instead of just surviving. Many of our customers have been astonished at the difference our experts could make to their day to day activities by streamlining and simplifying their tech, systems and procedures. The kind of staff satisfaction that comes from eliminating interruptions and hitches is priceless in terms of turnover, work quality, and commitment.

By increasing productivity and morale, and lowering costs, you’ll get the most out of your IT, and your company overall. We are with you every step of the way, designing, implementing, and adjusting the solutions that are built to work for you, your staff, and your customers.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Professional Services

There is a long history of companies using outside firms for their professional services, and the practice has become commonplace.

There are many reasons and rewards for using outsourced professional services from Affinity IT Group. Using IT professional services helps your business get to market faster, maximize your technology, and benefit more from your own experts as well as the up to date knowledge and experience of our professionals.

In-house IT managers have a lot to deal with, from monitoring all aspects of network infrastructure to keeping up with the rapid pace of changing and new technology. By using our firm for some or all of your IT professional services, it’s possible to free up your own IT staff to pursue the projects that focus on the growth of your company, not just keeping things afloat.

A KPMG study shows that surveyed common reasons for IT sourcing in years to come include cost savings (26 per cent), quality improvement (21 per cent), skills access (19 per cent), financial flexibility, and market time (11 per cent).

Studies also show that outsourcing professional services works. A 2015/2016 European IT outsourcing study shows 89 per cent of clients were satisfied with their outsourcing contract. Other performance figures for IT outsourcing show a similar, high cost-success rate. Among organizations that outsource disaster recovery, 92 per cent said their costs are the same or lower than when in-house staff was performing the function. There are many more examples, and these statistics point toward the fact that using our professional services is a proven way to save time and save money, freeing your company up to get on with doing business.

Working with Affinity IT Group

There is a lot to be gained from using IT professional services, and little to lose. But often, the extent of that gain, even the difference between success and stasis, is the company you choose for your IT partner. Affinity is proud to be a top provider of IT professional services.

From global corporations to small trading companies, we have excellent reviews from our clients. We work to understand exactly what your company needs before designing and implementing our professional services, so you get IT that works, and works for you.

Learn just what an expert IT professional can do for you. Get in touch with us today.