a person viewing a variety of devices with network monitoring stats on them

Three Reasons Your Business Needs Network Monitoring

Network monitoring services are multifaceted and can empower your business in a variety of ways. Whether it’s ensuring your system remains clear of threats or its components are functioning properly, IT professionals offer a range of custom solutions to support your needs.

Let’s look at three of the most important reasons your business needs network monitoring.

Network Security

Viruses are more widespread than ever, and hackers are discovering new ways to target businesses both small and large. Their goal could be to hit one of your computers with simple malware or to hold your network hostage with ransomware. Either way, your company can’t afford constant setbacks in productivity or data loss.

Network monitoring tools exist that send alerts about potential threats to your IT infrastructure. IT Managed Services Providers can then respond to these notifications before a hacker ever breaks into your system.

But what good is security monitoring if it only works during business hours? The kind of technology we’re talking about works 24/7/365.

Technology Failure

Not all threats are a result of malicious users seeking to wreak havoc on your technology. Each component of your network will fail at some point. While there’s no exact lifespan for any of your devices, check out this ongoing test BackBlaze conducts on its Cloud data center to see how long disk drives last.

Technology failures aren’t the only thing that can cause problems, however, as electrical outages, user error, and other external factors can lead to components breaking down.

Network monitoring services can help prevent a variety of issues from affecting your productivity by promptly alerting you to problems, and even resolving some minor issues automatically.

Usage Data

Beyond ensuring your infrastructure always performs correctly, network monitoring can collect your network’s usage data. Whether your company does data-intensive work and needs to measure hardware performance or wants to keep track of employee web use, nearly every aspect is monitorable.

Your Network Monitoring Authority

What good is network monitoring services if you have no one there to respond when trouble arises? As an experienced managed services provider, Affinity IT Group can ensure your technology always performs at its best. Give us a call when you’re ready to take your network to the next level.