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Using an MSP as Your Ace in the Hole

Is your business ready for whatever challenges come its way today or in the future? Many organizations believe they are because they describe themselves as having “excellent customer service,” or the ability to bring on additional labor to meet growing needs or unexpected pitfalls. The truth is, many organizations aren’t quite there yet in terms […]

How clutch is your IT?

It’s pretty likely that your day begins and ends with technology. Your alarm clock is probably your cell phone, and your programmable coffee maker has the energy you need to get your morning going. You complete your morning hygiene ritual with your electronic toothbrush and head out the door. Two beeps from your car opener […]

The Game: Your MSP as Head Coach

On a chilly October afternoon in 1897, the Ohio State Buckeyes traveled to meet the Michigan Wolverines on their home turf, beginning the greatest college football rivalry in history. 6,800 screaming fans witnessed the blowout- Michigan earned a 34-0 victory over Ohio State. Since that day, the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry, fondly referred to as “The […]

Don’t Shy Away from Working Remotely

The business world is evolving and everything from the way people operate to the way they communicate is modernizing to become more convenient and efficient than ever before. Critical telecommunications are becoming so powerful that many people no longer have to actually travel to places where their presence was once required. Take, for instance, a […]

Crossing the Fine Line in Our Work/Life Balance

If you’re like us, you love your business. You started out on your own and at one point or another, it became a bit of, well…an obsession. There are a lot of times when we lost track of how to have lives outside of work. One very good friend of ours ran a successful business […]

Work Smarter with IT Professional Services

The saying, “Work smarter, not harder” is one that Affinity IT Group takes to heart. We understand how valuable your time is, and we aim to maximize your business success by helping you make the most of your hours, and your budget. Our custom-designed professional services go hand-in-hand with your existing IT structure, or, our […]

2017 – The Year of VR Technology

Although 2016 is over, one technology is just taking off, and 2017 is its year to shine. Virtual Reality (VR) wasn’t new this past year but finally became usable and affordable on a public scale.