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Protect Families by Implementing a Corporate Compliance Program

Compliance management has become the number one priority for many businesses. Increased regulation has forced many businesses to draw up their own corporate compliance program. This is a list of written policies and procedures adopted by management and their staff as part of their company mission and best practice.

Unified Communications Will Allow Your Business to Travel

Today’s smarter business capitalizes on advances in communication technology to optimize business processes. Good communication improves employee productivity. It means employees are more responsive to the needs of customers, partners, and colleagues. Great communication really can take your business to the next level. What is Meant by Unified Communications? No single communication tool delivers everything on its own. […]

Don’t Treat Your IT Problems, Seek Your IT Solutions

After spending your second hour on the phone talking to IT support – and turning your troubled device on and off several times – you might be wondering if there’s another way to handle technological issues in your business. The good news is: there is a better way to deal with IT.

What Drives Affinity

In order to have a successful business, you must have drive. It is the fuel to your organization’s engine, and here is what fuels us at Affinity.