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The Game: Who’s the new coach?

When it comes to football, a talented coach can make all the difference. For a few years in the early 2010s, both Ohio State and Michigan, two members of one of the greatest rivalries in football, were both in a rut.

Who has access to your network security playbook?

If you’re a fan of football, chances are you’ve heard of SpyGate. In 2007, the New England Patriots videotaped defensive plays from the New York Jets sideline, violating NFL rules. The costly attempt to gain a competitive edge illuminated a problem which had long been ignored in the league: Coaches and staff often operate in […]

Don’t let ransomware hold your data hostage

If you’re one of the few businesses who hasn’t experienced some sort of cyber threat yet this year, put your computer or your phone down and go buy a lotto ticket. You are extraordinarily lucky. More than 4,000 ransomware attacks have occurred every day since the beginning of 2016 according to Justice.gov. This problem has […]

The Game: The importance of special teams

In 2000, ESPN named “The Game,” aka the Michigan, Ohio State rivalry the greatest North American sports rivalry. In the history of this 100+ year long battle, a multitude of games were decided by a field goal, extra point, or two point conversion. While most tote offensive or defensive playmakers as the lifeforce of the […]

The Game: How tough is your network defense?

In our second installment of The Game, we see a few more similarities between college football’s most notorious rivalry, Michigan v Ohio State, and your business. In football, and business, it’s important to protect yourself. Some protection is proactive; extensive padding ensures that, should you get hit, the damage is minimal. Other protection is more […]

Using an MSP as Your Ace in the Hole

Is your business ready for whatever challenges come its way today or in the future? Many organizations believe they are because they describe themselves as having “excellent customer service,” or the ability to bring on additional labor to meet growing needs or unexpected pitfalls. The truth is, many organizations aren’t quite there yet in terms […]

How clutch is your IT?

It’s pretty likely that your day begins and ends with technology. Your alarm clock is probably your cell phone, and your programmable coffee maker has the energy you need to get your morning going. You complete your morning hygiene ritual with your electronic toothbrush and head out the door. Two beeps from your car opener […]