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The value of IT consulting

Technology is becoming more integral to the way businesses operate with each passing year. IT support has become essential even for small businesses. You’ve likely got a dedicated in-house or managed services support team, but there is a lot of value in hiring IT consultants. Their expertise can elevate your business tech beyond what you thought possible. 

We’ll fill you in on what kind of value an IT consultant can provide to your business. Here’s what we’ll cover in this guide: 

Information and expertise 

IT consultants are often utilized for their knowledge. They have years of experience solving a variety of technical problems. They can recommend hardware, a network solution, or a managed security service solution they know is reliable. If you have an IT-related question, nine times out of ten they’ll be able to answer it for you. 

Many companies will wait until things are going wrong before looking into a consultant, hoping they can fix things on the fly. This doesn’t have to be the case. A consultant can come in just to take a look at your processes and give guidance on how you can improve. Or they can provide an operations report to compare your tech activity to industry best practices. They may even help identify your organization’s system strengths and weaknesses.  

Bottom line: They can provide value by simply providing you with insight and information. 


If processes or technology are breaking down or you’re experiencing security problems, an IT consultant can assist there too. 

Their years in the field have honed their problem-spotting and solution skills to a razor’s edge. IT consultants will often present surprisingly creative solutions to even simple problems. They almost always have a few tricks to share, especially if they have experience in your industry

By pinpointing your problem quickly, your IT consultant can save you time and resources. The time that you would spend on brainstorming technical solutions you can refocus on other aspects of your business. 

Diagnosing problems 

Sometimes what you thought was the source of your problems is only a symptom of the root cause. Slow server response could be a problem with the server itself. Or it could be other outdated infrastructure creating a network bottleneck. Both would likely be expensive fixes. 

IT consultants can easily spot cases like these and figure out what the actual problem is. Misdiagnoses can waste time and resources. Your consultant’s goal is to prevent this. With an IT consultant supporting your team, you can ensure that this happens as little as possible.  

By identifying root causes, they can make you more productive. And by skipping a band-aid solution, you will maintain your productivity down the road. 

Recommending strategies 

Regardless of any problems you may have, your IT consultant will usually offer a variety of options to solve them.  With possibilities that range from easy fixes to a full system overhaul, your consultant’s job here is to give you their recommendation based on what is best for your business. Whether that means the cheapest option or the best long-term option, it’s all about what you need. 

Obviously, you have the final say in what you implement, but do consider their advice. Their specialized knowledge and expertise support their advice. There is always a strategic reason behind their recommendation. 

Their value-add here is in the options that they present – not only the variety of solutions but the depth. The solutions could be short- or long-term, but you can count on their solutions to be effective and comprehensive in scope. You’ll have the full picture by the time the consultant finishes laying out your options. 

Assisting in implementation 

Even if you don’t implement their recommendation, your IT consultant can assist in the process of implementing the choice you make. With their help, you can speed the process along because of their experience and training in the industry. Many solutions are second nature to them.  

Furthermore, IT consultants typically have some sort of project planning experience. They can organize and schedule the process for you in addition to taking part in the actual hands-on part of the process. 

Educating your team 

Another area where consultants come in very handy is in educating your team. This is a great preventative measure. Education gives your employees the power to solve problems for themselves. Making sure that your team is up to date on current industry practices is essential, especially when it comes to tech. Your staff knowledge may have stagnated if you haven’t updated your infrastructure recently.

IT consultants stay current with new technologies and best practices so that their support is the best it can be under any circumstances. 

Improving processes 

Process improvement ties back to the information that a consultant can provide to you. They can help you streamline processes for more effective results. If they notice inefficiencies or poor resource management, their suggestions can correct the problems before they go any further. They could even spot areas where things are working perfectly fine but could be working better

The added value here is immeasurable. Small changes to existing processes can have widespread implications. IT consultants can help you make strategic decisions that will change the way your company does business for the better. 

Keeping you on target 

Regardless of how your IT consultant assists you, they can add the most value by keeping you on target. You can run your business and focus on your larger strategy while they figure out the nitty-gritty of your tech-related operations. 

In any situation, they’re there to help you succeed. Even without huge changes, partnering with an IT consultant can have a huge effect on your business.