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The Game: How tough is your network defense?

In our second installment of The Game, we see a few more similarities between college football’s most notorious rivalry, Michigan v Ohio State, and your business.

In football, and business, it’s important to protect yourself. Some protection is proactive; extensive padding ensures that, should you get hit, the damage is minimal. Other protection is more reactive; if you’re the guy on special teams who called for a fair catch on the 4th down punt, yet you still got tackled, you’re pretty thankful for the referee who throws the flag.

When it comes to protecting your business, the approach is similar. To proactively protect yourself, you can work with network security experts who know how to set up firewalls, direct employee training, and ensure your business is 100% ready to handle opposition.

In 2016, Michigan’s Wilton Speight threw a pick directly to Ohio State defensive back, Malik Hooker. Hooker ran the ball 16 yards for a touchdown. How did this happen? The quarterback saw his target, but he didn’t see the threat.

Many businesses fall victim to this same scenario. Because the day-to-day operations of running a business are often time consuming and appear more tangible than the idea of a possible cybersecurity attack, network security can often get overlooked until they are running away with your sensitive data.

While proactive measures to prevent an attack are an excellent idea, it’s important to keep reactive measures in place as well.

In the infamous Snow Bowl of 1950, Ohio State and Michigan battled through a blizzard to keep their rivalry going strong. Michigan took home the victory after recovering their own blocked punt, proving the point that even an infiltrated system can mitigate damage and continue thriving.

With 24/7 monitoring from a team of security experts, should an attack occur, the damage is minimal and maintained with fully backed up and recoverable data. An attack doesn’t end the game for your business.

In 2017, cybersecurity attacks are becoming incredibly savvy. Even the best prepared companies fall prey to online ne’er-do-wells. While the chances of experiencing an attack increase each year, the damage caused by them decreases when proper measures are put in place by a well prepared business.

At Affinity IT Group, we know how to proactively educate your staff about current security threats, build effective security systems to keep cyber criminals at bay, and create robust backup plans. We also offer around-the-clock monitoring, so you are always minutes away from recovered data in case of an attack.

Contact us today to create a successful line of defense for your business.