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Take the pain out of office relocation

Every business understands the value of their data. There would be no business without data. Knowing this, most businesses have implemented security measures to protect their network against cyber attackers and malicious malware, but what about just simple data loss?

Office relocation is a large cause of data loss that most businesses don’t think about. During the moving process, so many things could get lost, stolen, misplaced, dropped, or stop working due to drastic temperature changes. This could affect your data, for example, physical servers could get lost in the transfer over, and if your data isn’t properly backed up, that information could be lost forever, potentially harming your business’ productivity.

Data isn’t the only thing that needs to be addressed when going through an office relocation – what about your physical equipment? Not only is it heavy and difficult and just an all-around hassle to move, but can you trust a standard moving company with your technology? Are they going to keep a calm head throughout all the moving chaos and treat your IT carefully like an IT professional would?

With Affinity IT Group, we’ll take care of all these aspects during your move. We’ll take care of your data and your physical equipment and make sure that it’s handled with gentle precision so that there’s no chance that you’ll end up with a damaged network.

Step 1: Backup your data

In the first half of 2016, Breach Level Index (BLI) reported that 554 million data records had been lost or stolen. If you click here, you can also follow a feed of the number of data records that are lost or stolen every second, minute, hour, and day – right now it says almost 4 million records are stolen or lost every day.

This is why it is so incredibly important to begin your office relocation process by backing up all of your data. This way, even if you lose your physical equipment, you can still access your data from alternative devices so that your business productivity doesn’t have to suffer.

“90% of businesses experience data center downtime for at least 7 days will go out of business within a year.”

— National Archives and Records Administration

Having your data backed up will protect your business from becoming a part of that statistic.

At Affinity IT Group, when we help you prepare your business for an office relocation, this is how we’ll begin the process. Not only will we provide data backup and recovery solutions, but we’ll also perform tests to make sure that your backup is functioning properly. Don’t worry, our IT professionals will take care of you.

Step 2: Relocate with Affinity IT Group

It’s as easy as that. After we ensure the safety of your data, we’ll help out with the heavy lifting. As mentioned in our brochure, we’ll be able to provide:

Safe and Secure Transport icon

Safe and Secure Transport

Other moving companies don’t care about how they treat your technology. We’ll make sure your IT gets to your new location safely and securely without any mishaps.

Proper Shutdown & Reimplementation icon

Proper Shutdown & Reimplementation

We’ll ensure your network is properly shut down and restored after you’ve moved to reduce the risk of data loss. We’ll make sure it’s up and running better than before!

Restoration To Be Up & Running Faster icon

Restoration To Be Up & Running Faster

Affinity IT Group knows exactly how to get your technology up and running with minimal downtime. The faster you’re up and running, the sooner you can get back to business.

If your office has to relocate, your business is probably growing and successful. That means that moving should be a joyous occasion, not a stressful one. Office relocation doesn’t have to be a chaotic mess anymore, especially when it comes to your IT. At Affinity IT Group, we know all the pains that come with moving, and we have solutions to address and relieve them.

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