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The Game: The importance of special teams

In 2000, ESPN named “The Game,” aka the Michigan, Ohio State rivalry the greatest North American sports rivalry. In the history of this 100+ year long battle, a multitude of games were decided by a field goal, extra point, or two point conversion. While most tote offensive or defensive playmakers as the lifeforce of the game, special teams is a group of players who often determine victory or defeat.

Does a football team need their special teams to make plays to win a game? Technically, no. Does having an effective and talented special teams give you an incredible edge over your competition? Absolutely, yes.

In football, we know who special teams players are- those on the field during kicking plays. In your business, who plays special teams?

You might have a few special teams players in your business.

  • Cloud solutions could be your special teams. The ability to work from anywhere with absolute ease and security isn’t a necessity. But in the 4th quarter, when the score is tied, and your customer is shopping providers for a product or service, your ability to respond quickly to needs anywhere, anytime because of the cloud makes you the victor.
  • Surveillance could be the kicker that hits a 50 yard field goal every time. With Affinity IT Group’s Surveillance systems, thieves and other threats won’t as tempted to jeopardize your hard work.
  • What good is an effective kicker if your place holder can’t set up the ball? The analogy might seem like a stretch, but we think using an MSP sets your business up for success. Utilizing a partner like Affinity IT Group gives you a team of experts who knows where to look for the ball and how to position it for your success. We know how technology ebbs and flows, and we create a strategic plan of success for your business.

Recruit a well-balanced team- stacked with offensive, defensive, and special teams professionals.

Let’s look at a few crucial special teams plays from The Game:

Regarded by many as the most controversial and dramatic play of The Game’s rivalry, the 1974 missed field goal by Michgan kicker, Mike Lantry, cost the Wolverines the game. While ruled outside the post by the official, many in attendance believed the goal was in fact good.

This missed Ohio State field goal made Michigan coach, Glenn Edward “Bo” Schembechler Jr. the winningest coach in the school’s history.

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