Work/Life Balance

Crossing the Fine Line in Our Work/Life Balance

If you’re like us, you love your business. You started out…
a video surveillance camera

Things That Are Less Effective Than Video Surveillance

Video surveillance cameras installed around your business perimeter keep your hard-earned assets safe. Other alternatives just don’t measure up.
a person viewing a variety of devices with network monitoring stats on them

Three Reasons Your Business Needs Network Monitoring

Check out how your company can benefit from multifaceted network monitoring services, which can cover security, technology performance, and more.
Work Smarter with IT Professional Services

Work Smarter with IT Professional Services

The saying, “Work smarter, not harder” is one that Affinity…
Two businessmen discussing corporate compliance

Protect Families by Implementing a Corporate Compliance Program

Compliance management has become the number one priority for many businesses. Increased regulation has forced many businesses to draw up their own corporate compliance program. This is a list of written policies and procedures adopted by management and their staff as part of their company mission and best practice.
Happy businessman looking at smartphone

Unified Communications Will Allow Your Business to Travel

Today's smarter business capitalizes on advances in communication…
Frustrated businessman

5 Signs You REALLY Need a Security Risk Assessment

If your computer had a neck, would you consider throttling it? Here are five signs you REALLY should have gotten a security risk assessment weeks ago.
Business communications

5 Benefits of Improving Your Business Communication

Recent advances in technology mean that employees are using many methods to communicate. Emails, mobile devices and video-conferencing have transformed business communications.
​IT Solutions

Don’t Treat Your IT Problems, Seek Your IT Solutions

After spending your second hour on the phone talking to IT support – and turning your troubled device on and off several times – you might be wondering if there’s another way to handle technological issues in your business. The good news is: there is a better way to deal with IT.
The importance of consulting with a premium technical support specialist

The Differences Between Discount and Premium Technical Support

Discounted technical support firms can eventually get your business up-and-running again, but what if you need something more than the basic minimums?