The importance of consulting with a premium technical support specialist

The Differences Between Discount and Premium Technical Support

The ways in which we communicate with customers and how we sell to them are shifting. This is primarily because of the Internet and continual advances in technology.

Technology can be tricky, though. Devices fail, software requires upgrading, and sometimes systems simply do not work well together. If you use IT and want to stay ahead, you’re going to need help.

Technical support can help you when things go wrong. Support firms have the expertise to troubleshoot your devices and your software to get your business up-and-running again, but what about something more? Imagine not even having those technical issues in the first place.

This is where a premium technical support service can help your business.

Discount Technical Support vs. Premium Technical Support

A discount technical support service will fix your technical problems when they arise. With continual innovations in technology, chances are that something will go wrong sooner or later. Then, you’ll have to wait while IT engineers identify and fix the problem. This could easily result in loss of earnings and a decline in customer satisfaction.

A premium technical support service, however, can start working for you before you’ve even acquired your first piece of hardware or software, as their services include advising you on what tech you need. These experts will help you to make the acquisition, then install the system or systems for you.

Premium technical support does not stop when the team has ensured the new technology works within your existing structures. After you’re underway in your business, a great many things occur.

Take a look at some of the additional benefits of premium technical support:

Pre-emptive Action

You won’t need to wait until your system fails before calling for support. With managed IT services, a premium service will contact you long before things go wrong.

Expert Recommendations

Experts will make recommendations about your infrastructure according to your industry and needs. The service will suggest ways to get the most from your business by using the full potential of your existing system or by acquiring more suitable software and hardware.


Part of keeping your business moving is ensuring that it is not vulnerable to attack or other threats to data and privacy. Your premium service will recommend and install the necessary systems to make sure your network is safe from viruses and hackers. Your files stay confidential.

Your premium service will provide remote monitoring of your systems, as well as backup and recovery services. Focus on your goals and let the experts take care of security issues.

Backup systems and Cloud computing can give business owners peace of mind, as well as the flexibility to work efficiently and quickly.

  • Accessibility – When you contact premium technical support, you’ll be connected quickly with a responsive individual. They will not only understand your issue, but they will also be able to explain the next steps to you in a way you’ll understand, even if you don’t have a background in computing or IT.

Discount IT support hours can be restrictive. With a premium service, you can get the help you need when you need it. You may experience the joys of a 24/7 service, and ticket system to ensure accountability and fast responses that demystify solutions, not make things more complicated.

  • Analytics and Automation – Premium support doesn’t stop when you end your call. An experienced team can use analytics to identify any system problems, monitor performance and make suggestions for improving your business’ performance.

A specialist IT support team can identify areas which could be automated. Automating workflows to give your staff more time to focus on core goals, or to spend time with their families.

A discount IT service is, in truth, only a safety net for when things go wrong. A premium technical support service, however, is a partnership – a relationship between a premium service and a business can last for many years, improving with time as technology changes and businesses grow.

Affinity IT wants to develop that relationship with you. Let’s talk about your needs today.