Fun in an IT support meeting

Our Passion: IT Support with a Homegrown, Family Feel

“Technology doesn’t have to be technical.” That sounds totally weird, doesn’t it? Almost contradictory, in fact. But if you think about it, it makes sense. And that’s our whole point, here. We at Affinity IT deeply believe your IT support needs to make sense. So, we make sure to discuss it with our clients in a way they can easily wrap their heads around. We know after 30 seconds of technical jargon, most people are playing the “Gilligan’s Island” theme in their heads and wondering what to buy for lunch. That does no one any good, so we avoid it like the plague.

While we do know our stuff ­– we’re just as human as you are. So we talk to you on a human level about what’s going on with your tech. Here’s a little more about us, just to show you how human we are.

Like Most Folks, We Love Family Time

Yes, we absolutely love what we do. But let’s be honest – nothing’s better than going home for the day and spending time with our favorite people. We have several policies in place to make sure our people get to spend sufficient time with their people. One of the biggest motivators in employee satisfaction is having enough family and home time, so it’s quite important to us they can come in each day to tackle our clients’ IT support needs with a smile on their faces.

We Love Funny Stuff

What brand of computer has the best singing voice? A Dell! HA! We believe in having fun with our work, our coworkers, and our clients. We share stories, anecdotes, and jokes (especially computer-related jokes. Those get brownie points with us). We even love to talk with you about our favorite movies and TV shows we’ve enjoyed. IT support doesn’t have to be technical – and it can also be funny! Here’s another one: Did you hear about the new band called 1023MB? They’re still waiting for their first gig.

We Love What We Do

At the end of the day, we can absolutely say we love what we do. Not everyone can say that, and we know how lucky we are to work each and every day in a fantastic industry with incredible clients, doing what we love. We get to use our creativity to architect ideal solutions for businesses, and reap the rewards of happy clients who can work effectively and efficiently.

You’ll Love Having Your IT Support with Affinity

If you’re going to need an IT support company who creates ideal solutions for your company, why not enjoy it? When we partner with you, you’re our buddy. We’ll have meetings, we’ll talk, we’ll laugh, and we’ll get your technology where it needs to be. Give us a call, and hit us up with your best joke. We’ll laugh, we promise.