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Affinity strengthens business communication through technology

At Affinity, it’s our goal to create a special relationship with our clients. It might sound cheesy, but we like to think of our clients as family. We’ve found that to be the best approach to business partnerships.

Families do two things: they spend time together, and they talk to each other. We start every business relationship by gathering the two families together – their company and ours – and we discuss how we can help make them more. We want them to be more productive, more efficient, more successful, and have more time at home with their loved ones.

One of the most productive tools out there to help bring your company more is VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. It brings telephone to your business using the Internet signal you already have and comes with many benefits.  

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Changing to VoIP

Many companies seek to protect their margins by delivering their products or services quickly and with cost efficiency. VoIP is replacing the old ways of business communications by literally negating the traditional business landline cable, also known as the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS).

Business occurs between people. Thereby, people must communicate to transact business. Salespeople talk to customers, buyers talk to suppliers, customers talk to post-sales personnel. It’s a continuous cycle – one which must have adequate business communications to operate.  

Have you ever wondered how much all these business communications cost? If you have POTS and you’ve ever winced at your company’s phone bill, you might have an idea.

It’s not only the cost of the calls mounting up, business communications costs must also factor in other factors utilized during the call. This can be higher than expected, as 82% percent of business calls result in hangups and voicemail messages. If the intended recipient never returns the call, the entire effort was essentially a waste of both time and money.

While the caller waits to connect with his target, time is also being wasted. In the best of cases, it might only be a few moments. On the other hand, lost time might mean not submitting a bid in time, or exceeding a project deadline.

If you’d rather not call, you can use unified communications to text, email, instant message, or even fax — all from the same platform.

Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency

VoIP calls are made over a broadband connection, sending packets of voice data over the Internet in a similar way to file data. Voice data is reassembled just before the listener receives it.  The quality is much better than it once was; VoIP calls are now indistinguishable in quality from landline calls, which is part of the reason for their incredible growth within the business place.

Not to mention, VoIP users typically save around 50% to 90% on their monthly bill. How? There are no extra fees for certain calls since there’s no expensive infrastructure to install or maintain to keep your calls flowing. And you can easily get the new equipment with the low-cost lease built into your VoIP service. This is called Hardware as a Service, or HaaS. Great signal, lower cost – we’re really failing to see the downside. 

A World of Features

VoIP has an added strength: its features. With it, you can connect all your devices, wherever or whatever they are. Desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices can make and receive VoIP calls from the office, cars, golf courses, and even overseas hotels. If you’d rather not call, you can use unified communications to text, email, instant message, or even fax – all from the same platform.

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There are plenty of smart features built into VoIP which can be accessed via an end-user dashboard. Auto attendant, caller screening, availability, and music-on-hold are just a few. VoIP allows you to manage your calls with the touch of a button. The dashboard also displays presence information via a task window.

Bring VoIP to Your Office with Affinity

We can have a VoIP telephony system up and running for you at a fantastic price. If you require support using it, we’ll be very pleased to help. Speaking as one family to another, Affinity is here to assist you on your journey to success through VoIP.